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Sitting Circle


Join The Sitting Circle For Free!

Would you like to be a part of the Our Undoing community? Then please use the contact form below and I will set you up with a profile and access for free! 

I’ll need your name, email address and username you’d like to go by. You will be able to fill out your profile as you see fit, but the username cannot be changed. I will not sell your info or sign you up for a newsletter, so no worries. 

Hope to talk with you soon.

[Note that some functionality of the message board will not be available to you for free, initially. This is how we keep out spammers and keep past Lifetime Member posts private. Additionally, you will not have access to the Mustes forum, as it is about a section of the site for Lifetime members only and will mean nothing to you. But everything else is available!]

Have questions? Comments? Wish to join us in the Sitting Circle? Please feel free to drop a line here.

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