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Here’s my rough draft. I put names in at the end just so you get the sense of it. Feel free to edit or give notes as you see fit. I’m calling it The Experiencer Project just to call it something. If you want to call it something else, go ahead. In fact, there’s already a non-paranormal so maybe it’s a bad title.

Alien Abduction Research Is Over. Welcome To The Experiencer Project.

As listeners and serious ufologists know, Paratopia has been instrumental in exposing alien abduction research as too severely flawed to be scientifically valid or even philosophically useful. That’s not a very comfortable place to rest. We believe it’s time to rebuild and are taking it upon ourselves to do so. That’s why we’ve come up with The Experiencer Project, a long-term data collection and examination venture. We will gather stories and other data from experiencers for 10 months and then rigorously examine what we’ve got separately to see if there is any connective tissue that has been overlooked or edited out of the defunct scenarios most of us can recite by heart.

From October 1st, 2011 to August 1st, 2012 we will collect stories and testimony from anyone who believes they have experiences that fit the alien abduction motif and wants to share them. We are looking for uncensored accounts. We will throw nothing out as outlier data. That means you can feel safe submitting your “crazy,” raw truth because we have no preconceived notion or hypothesis about these phenomena that we will try to squeeze your experiences into.

We want your whole story. However, that does not include hypnotically-retrieved “recall.” If you are an experiencer who has undergone hypnosis and you wish to contribute to this project, please give us only your conscious recall. If there’s a hole where it feels like memory should be, that’s fine. That’s your experience.

We also do not want to know what you think any of it means. No editorializing. Just the facts as you remember them. If you have accompanying photos or video, those are more than welcome, provided they are not of lights in the sky. Lights in the sky? They could be anything. Photos and video of structured objects only where UFOs are concerned, and marks on the body are also acceptable with abduction sccounts.

This is a nonprofit project for research purposes only. We are not collecting stories for a book or future podcast. All sources will remain anonymous to the public unless they wish to be identified. All information will only be shard between The Experiencer Project members without permission from the source. The members are:

Jeff Ritzmann
Jeremy Vaeni
Dr. Tyler Kokjohn
[name redacted]


Sounds good. The name? Project Core. We’ve stripped away all but the “core”, and we’re looking to get to the core. I can see interesting things graphically with the “C”, the name fits and I want a good look for this thing so it doesn’t look like a flimsy undertaking. I’ll do a logo tomorrow.

I wanted Project Alpha, as in new beginning – but that was a debunking project done by James Randi. Project Phoenix is well, too closely associated with the lights case. Core is rounded enough not to give an impression of “genesis” or restart – Core states the target. The core experience. Thats what we want.

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