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Did Jeff Ritzmann Get Answers To Our Questions
From These Beings This Morning?

Hold onto your hats, folks, the weird got weirder….

So last night, I did a 2 hour interview for Jeff Ritzmann’s podcast. We chatted for a half hour then were unceremoniously disconnected. Fine. Happens. We reconnected and went on for another hour and a half. One of the main points we touched upon is that quite possibly these people we call alien are interdimensional beings who need us to perceive them for them to be real in our spatial reality. If true, Jeff wondered if one of the ways they do this is to leave marks on the body of experiencers. It’s generally held that these are space doctors taking skin samples, but what if they aren’t? What if they’re leaving evidence that is incontrovertible proof to the person on whose body these marks appear and that’s the function they serve – To say WE’RE HERE. DEAL WITH IT in a manner you can’t ignore?

We also considered whether this was evil or not. Any time Jeff would tell them to go away because he thought they were evil they’d respond, “Are you sure?”

There’s always a sardonic riddle at the center of what they do, prodding us to confront them as a question. My take is that to give an answer we can understand would be evil. To say, “We’re aliens,” or, “Yup, we’re gods,” would be evil because they’re not that and we’d be stunted in our growth and our “relationship” with them by having false answers. So they don’t answer it. They ask us to ask, “What are you?”

We talked about differences in spirituality between East and West. Judeo-Christian doctrine gives us a loving father figure who takes care of us and gives us hope and continuance in an afterlife. What Jeff describes, however, is more like Zen–talks in riddles, no god outside oneself, smacks the student with a stick because that is more compassionate and effective in spurring growth than coddling and giving answers and safety. Jeff doesn’t know about any of this stuff. I dunno if he even cares, and that makes it more interesting to me, that he’s experiencing the rules of the game by way of a system that isn’t what he knows or cares about.

Debunkers can’t say he’s experiencing delusions based on cultural cues. That answer is ruled out.

Okay, so Jeff wakes up this morning and says it looks like he was beaten up. He’s got anomalous marks on several areas of his body, including a cut-like line running from his ankle to his shin that is healing as I write. 

Jeff broke a molar a few days ago. It was sharp, jagged, and cutting his tongue to blood when he spoke for too long. He was planning on taking the inevitable trip to the dentist to get that fixed but when he woke up this morning, along with looking like he’d been mugged, that molar was rounded and looked polished. He says he’s taking pictures of everything, so that’s good…. Oh, and that hour and a half of the interview after we got cut off and reconnected? All static. He didn’t want to ask me to redo the interview but damn if I don’t want to.

So there ya go. How do you make sense of it? Do you make sense of it? I do and I can’t see another way except the ineffective fall-back term coincidence….

This intelligence erased the interview so he’d know that what follows is in response to our conversation. They marked his body as if to say, “Yup. That’s why we do it,” which doubles as an admission that they are interdimensional beings, not space doctors.

They fixed his tooth as if to say, “Yes that looks evil, erasing your show and fucking you up, but…Are you sure?” I doubt they’d ever come out and say “We are or aren’t,” as clearly they live in the question and ask us to engage them on that level.

That’s my takeaway. I asked Jeff during the interview if he thinks there’s a confluence of skeptical experiencers trying to force these beings to emerge in a tangible way right now. He said no.

I think you know my next question, Jeff….


Any news on the flying snake?

Nope, not since I sent ya the shots…you got them right?

On a side note, you might find this interesting:

Yep. Thankfully, it didn’t come visit me, although something weird’s going on with the energy. I assume that it doesn’t just activate when I’m asleep or I’d know it…but maybe I wouldn’t know it unless it was jerking me around violently. (Not with violence, I just mean with enough jostling movement to where I’d wake up.) Aaaaand that’s what it did Saturday early morning.

 Some sort of abdominal convulsing lying on my right side. I didn’t wake up totally cuz I was fucking tired being asleep and all. But I knew what was going on, just not why.

Saturday all day and night I had a migraine-strength headache and the runs. (You’re welcome!) I wonder if I had some sort of food poisoning that this energy was working out of my system so it wasn’t even worse than that.

Also odd, there’s a spot on the top of my right wrist that kills. It’s been like this all weekend. Hurts to even touch gently. Maybe I whacked it on the corner of a counter or something but I don’t remember doing that and there’s no bruise or mark, just the pain.

I’m not making anything of it, just noting it. May be something, may be nothing.

In other news I’m listening to our interview and love that we’re having suuuuch a calm, laid back discussion. It’s a good change of pace from ze average podcast, no?

How are you?

Re the podcast: You said some sweet things in there and I really appreciate it. I didn’t want to say it then because it would sound disingenuous but… *teardop*

EMAIL FROM Dec,6, 2008

SUBJECT: Ahahahaha! Welcome to Paratopia!


I’ve been storming ze brain, no? I’ve come up with enough material to trick out our front page, if need be, with the funny. Can we have an audio player in the side bar for daily meditations with Dr. Steven Greer? Every day I’d post a new soundbite from the good doctor.

And can we create multiple choice quizzes? Is there a widget for that?
When I get home tonight (or more realistically I’ll do it tomorrow) I’ll give you my ideas for the message board… or “massage bored.”
I’ve been thinking of ways to make the podcast different from the others and make it must-not-miss listening. I’ve got three, tell me what you think:
1.) Each guest leads to the next. So we start off with Strieber. Inevitably he will hit upon a point we will wish we’d explored further. So the next show will start off in that direction. We’d have to have a qualified guest to pick up where we left off with Strieber. That guest will inevitably also say something that will be our next jumping-off point the following week, and so on. Like we’re following a trail of clues to see if after X-amount of episodes we haven’t been able to figure something out about all this stuff.
2.) We have a fictional meta-plot. When we hear the magic word and go into “interviewer mode” and become our serious selves. We are like amnesiacs wondering where we just were. This would evolve over the weeks. As if the New Age carnival of Paratopia has somehow trapped us and we really are stuck on a prison island like LOST or THE PRISONER. But after each interview you or I will somehow always drink the Kool-Aid and be right back to Paratopia.
3.) Combine one and two so that the interviews are our way of figuring our way out of Paratopia and into something “real.”
Now these don’t have to be elaborately written pieces of work, just an evolving thing. A few lines improvised here and there, ya know? The audience will get the point.
Good ideas? Bad? Your thoughts?
Oh, also, if you want to have a parallel serious website, is there a way to have the sound effect that happens during the show when we transform go off when they click the link to access it?


Hi, Whitley:

On behalf of Jeff and myself, thanks again for doing our show. Your knowledge is always welcome (and needed!) with us.

One question for the road: Does any one event or moment since you spoke with the Master of the Key jump out at you as the point of no return in terms of being on a path to hell? (Or is it simply that we’ve taken too long to change significantly?)

We became unable to reverse environmental decline in 2003-4. We do not understand that man is earth, so in killing and eating the planet, we are killing and eating ourselves. It’s not reversible now, except perhaps by a miracle.