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Paratopiart Gallery Too Good For A Museum.


Ah, yes. Paratopia Magazine, Issue 1, Volume 1. The only one. When your magazine is this influential there need not be another. From the incredible Carol Rainey article on Budd Hopkins’ work to the largely ignored everything else, it is all here. Yes, even an article by Phil Imbrogno. I’m sure that aged like a satanic cheese.

Serious work padded with satirical ads and fun stuff. And Phil Imbrogno. It’s the Paratopia way!

Scroll through the magazine below or download the PDF.


Waaaaay back in the distant past, like 10 years ago or something, there used to be these reading materials you could hold in your hands. “Magazines,” I think they were called. I mean Paratopia Magazine was a magazine, but it was only available online. I’m talking about magazines. The real thing. Paper and ink and shine.

Back then, I was hard at work writing for one such shiny object called, UFO Magazine. When Jeff and I brought the Emma Woods story to greater light, the powers that be asked me to write a cover story. Now, lo these many years later, they have given me permission to give it to you for free. But not on paper, on computer. Don’t be such a dinosaur.