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Aloha! And welcome to Our Undoing!

The only website on the net dedicated to all of our transformation out of brain-self into heart-self, and from heart-self into the complete wholeness that transcends and includes each. Contrary to how that may read, this is not more culty guru nonsense. This is not New Age. This is not integral spirituality, though we include some of that. And this is not a community-building project, though we include aspects of that. This is purely about waking up. Fully, completely, necessarily. 

The good news is, all it takes to wake up is the interplay of deep listening, clarity, and understanding. And this website provides exclusive audio and video content, as well as an ongoing series of writings in which the styles differ (because our tastes in reading materials differ), but which carry the same substance. That substance is the clarity you need. Each article provides a chance to wake up at the snap of a finger, which, if it happens, will save you a lot of reading!

The bad news is, the odds are against us, because if it were that easy we’d all be Jesusy Buddha types, right? We usually need to be jostled awake over and over in different ways until it really sinks in past the intellect, through the heart, and beyond the veil.

Transcending everything we know ourselves to be is serious business–so serious that we must have a sense of humor about it. And also so serious that we must pay for it. I guess that’s the other bad news. I mean you don’t have to but then it’ll just be me paying and that won’t last forever. So please consider donating–or better yet, becoming a lifetime member.

Lifers get a ridiculously expanded web experience, including exclusive content, such as the Urgency. audio book, The No-Thing Talks in video and audio, and access to The Sitting Circle message board. They also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

Donators get a chance to win a lifetime membership in a random drawing that occurs every time our collective donations hit $333.00 (the price of membership) or someone buys a lifetime membership. So, two ways to become a lifer if you cannot afford the fee but can afford to give something $1.00 or above. If even that is too steep and you want a lifetime membership, contact me using the contact form and we’ll work something out.

I cannot guarantee you will wake up as a result of joining Our Undoing. I can hand you the sword and point you to the cave, but coming out the other side is your hero’s journey. All I can tell you is to drop the sword, leave the cave, and let go my voice for the real to unveil itself, because the hero’s journey is more illusion.

See? You thought I was going to go another way with that, right? But this is about Truth, not about sending you on another endless journey where you’re the center of everything. Transcendence is about dissolving the center, not adding to it. Not learning. I’m not a teacher and these aren’t lessons. It’s more like we’re going to have a chat and by the end of it, either you won’t be there anymore because you understood what we were talking over… or because you didn’t.

Be brave. Enter here. Come undone.

Thanks for considering. See you on the other side.

–Jeremy Vaeni