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Aloha! Welcome to Our Undoing!

Think about the different meanings of Our Undoing. It’s both serious and comical, literal and metaphorical. Transcending and including self is serious business and that seriousness can overwhelm us. The antidote, of course, is to keep a sense of humor. On the other hand, if one has too much humor, it becomes a form of sadomasochism and that requires an antidote of seriousness.

Humor. Seriousness. You are both, be both.

You are also shallow and deep. You are all of the ocean, as the typical oneness metaphor goes. But really, that means exactly this: You’re all of it so do not denigrate or try to repress anything. Understand everything. Understand you. Understanding you is all that you’ve got and when you fully understand what you are, freedom is the case.

Notice we’re not saying know thyself. We’re saying understand thyself. There is a huge difference and we will uncover it through this website.

Oh. The website. What is this website you’ve bought into? Click around. Find what you like. Read it. Watch it. Listen. Interact. Every inch of this place is tailor-made to wake you out of yourself. Doesn’t mean it will happen. Transcendence–true transcendence to a stage on which we live, not a state of mind we stumble in and out of–is like cracking a safe: a person can turn the dial, but you must have your ear to the door listening for the clicks. That means your ear must work, your mind be silent, and you cannot mistake the numbers on the dial for the combination. The dial is not the combination.

Numbers matter in this analogy, right? Having the aha! moment (or aaaaah. moment), which breaks up the energy blockage that is you, and allows the flow of wholeness that is one, takes complete openness, and also discernment. Religions tell you, “Forget the openness. Block everything else out as evil or wrong. That is discernment. Here’s the only combination you need.” Then they give you numbers that don’t work. Well… they may open something, but not the whole vault. Lot’s of combinations unlock doors but there’s always another door you mistook for the back wall.

New Age spiritual alternatives make the same mistaken claims to the ultimate in the opposite direction. New Age thought dismisses discernment as judgment. It espouses complete openness. All numbers on the dial are combinations if you believe they are. Indeed, as with religions, some combinations may open the door to compartments with other doors. But some don’t. Some don’t open anything. Saying that out loud is a sin to the New Ager. Also a sin is claiming that no combination opens the entire vault. Whereas religion is about giving up will to a higher power, New Age is about retaining will power and being that higher power. Religion represses the open because that’s how they control societies. New Age represses discernment because New Agers see through the repressive judgments of religion but then go too far and believe discernment falls into that category.

What if we step away from all of this… thought? That’s what it all is, right? Thought constructs. Thought constructs wrapped around that which transcends and includes thought. Can you drag something that transcends and includes you into yourself? No, right? And so to try is to fail and to claim it is succeeding is to be delusional. Welcome to humanity!

Let’s start the analogy over. We’ve got a safe. We’ve got to crack that safe completely, opening all of the doors within doors at once. Some people give us combinations that don’t work. Other people tell us the dial is the thing, each number is important, and all combinations lead to the door opening. We sit with that and realize the imaginative silliness of it. I suppose we could fold our arms as debunkers, close our eyes, and refuse to look at the dial anymore, calling stupid anyone who does.

Or… or we can stop listening to everyone. Stop talking about it. Put our ear to the vault with a clear mind in silence. We can turn that dial and listen for the clicks. shows you the dial and gives the correct combination in each and every article and audio/visual piece on this website. It provides an impeccable means and space to put your ear to the door. If it teaches you anything, it teaches you how to put your ear to the door and listen. And then it shows you that this, too, is folly because being that person who puts ear to door and listens becomes your identity, your routine, because as stated at the beginning, the blockage in the way is you.

There is no vault. There is no you cracking the combination. There is only ever you claiming to be the person doing that to retain the illusion of control over that which transcends and includes you. Why we do this, how we do this, all is explained here. Over and over again in different words, with different tones, like a friend nudging your sleeping body until something in you… clicks.

This clicking is the waking up. Nothing need be done. In fact, nothing must be.